Preuss 'n Koenig from Berlin present ERUPTION, the world's first guitar amp with the pure triode sound of the 833C transmitting tube

The Prussian king Frederick the Great was an avid music lover and a visionary, and his legacy lives on in the two innovative engineers Gunnar Preuss (whose surname means 'Prussian') and Harald Koenig ('King'), the creators of this exceptional amplifier. Both of them live in Berlin, the former residence of 'Old Fritz', as the Prussian king was fondly known. This year marks the 300th anniversary of his birth

Over several years of work developing their product, Preuss 'n Koenig have followed their personal ideas and visions to create an amplification system par excellence, and are able to present a genuine world first.

The amp, which has been christened ERUPTION, is the world's first genuine 100-watt single-ended triode all-tube guitar amp with the 833 transmitting triode. For the first time, a single-ended – class A – guitar amp has been built that matches the performance of the common parallel push-pull pentode amps.

The unique improvement in sound quality afforded by a single-ended power amp with triode will be welcomed not only by hi-fi enthusiasts, but by users of all kinds. The amplifier is characterised by high signal fidelity and a very fast attack and is extremely responsive to playing dynamics.

Every conceivable sound requirement is catered for: six channels, each with its own gain, volume and EQ control; five FX loops with separate level and FX-mix controls; two master controls; and one specially developed, tube-powered active EQ-control per channel which can be individually adapted via slots.

ERUPTION is convincing and inspiring in every respect – from crystal-clear clean sounds with lots of head room, classic rock sounds that pack a powerful punch and warm singing lead sounds to raw and raucous metal sounds.

Optional interactive light effects give the 833 triode the aura of a rock star and add the final touch to the Preuss 'n Koenig's already imposing appearance.
Harald Koenig is a trained radio and television engineer. After completing his studies at the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music in Berlin specialising in dance music, he worked for many years as a professional musician. For 18 years he has run his own repair service for music electronics and develops individual, high-end tube technology amplifiers and effect units under the label 'Tubeampmanufactur'.
Gunnar Preuss is an electronics engineer and an engineering graduate specialising in mechanical engineering and automation technology. He has a wealth of experience in event technology and as guitarist in a rock band. As well as repairing music electronics, in recent years he has also been developing tube technology preamps and effect pedals for guitars and basses under the label 'GP-Lightstone'.